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Pearls have been a favourite with some of the world’s most pioneering jewellers for many years.

These jewellers have helped pearls shed their “old- fashioned” image to become “chic”.

Symbolising purity and integrity, pearls have long been a favourite with Brides and Mums of the Bride.

Freshwater baroque pearls are the perfect contemporary update to this traditional look. The baroque form of today’s pearls gives a more modern look to “prim, traditional” pearls.

They will continue to be worn with many outfits after the wedding. They can be teamed with absolutely anything whether formal occasion or smart casual!

As natural gem stones, pearls have a nostalgic and timeless quality that, if paired with chunky chains or ropes of pearls, they can look contemporary while still feeling like a vintage heirloom.

Whether you plan to wear your pearls for a special occasion or in fact on every day, they have always been a part of jewellery. It is wonderful to see them emerging again.

Pearls have a nostalgic and timeless quality. They are classic gems of the ocean. Just like diamonds, gold and silver, they will go on forever more.

Jackie Onassis once said “Pearls are always appropriate” and I couldn’t agree more!!

Today, pearls are worn not only as evening jewellery but they look great with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.


Why not join the trend! Consider some beautiful freshwater pearls today.


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