Pearls, the times are a-changing!!

A favourite with some of the world’s most pioneering jewellers, pearls have shed their old- fashioned image and become “chic”

The Queen is rarely seen without a strand of pearls around her neck. Lady Diana was a huge fan and if you notice, the very beautiful, modern, chic, Duchess of Cambridge loves classic pearls.

Outside the Royal Family, these precious gems have shaken off their prim and proper reputation.

Jackie Kennedy once said, "Pearls are always appropriate". I couldn’t agree more!

Pearls have become a staple in the most stylish up to date jewellery boxes.

I have always loved pearls. However, it has never really been the “classic” pearl to which I was attracted. I loved the misshapen imperfect, baroque and keshi pearls.

I began by buying the Chinese freshwater pearls because of their imperfect shape and their value for money. Twenty years ago, the more misshapen they were, the cheaper they were so you could buy bigger pearls for less money than the traditional South Sea pearls. Today, beautiful baroque pearls can be found the world over and have grown in value, especially in relation to size.

Working with pearls is about showcasing their true beauty, and I personally, find them very beautiful. 

The jewellery equivalent today, is to add your Doc Martin boots to give an edge to a favourite pretty floral dress. The uneven finish of baroque or keshi pearls gives a more casual look to a silk shirt or strappy camisole. At the same time, with their beautiful natural luminous nacre and their unusual rough shape, they can be used to give a sense of glamour or an edge to the simplest of outfits. 

Pearls compliment a tan beautifully. I love the look of wearing a beautiful classic pearl  necklace with a simple white T shirt and jeans in the summer.

Why not join the trend! Consider some beautiful freshwater pearls today. 

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