Pearls for Mother’s Day

Pearls are traditionally very elegant and beautiful pieces of jewellery.  The power of protection, luck, money, wisdom and love, are thought to be inside each pearl.

While pretty much everyone knows that giving Mum, as well as the Mother of your children, beautiful pearls to express your genuine love and appreciation on Mother’s Day… is as traditional as a decorated tree on Christmas, festive lights on Hanukkah, and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, most people don’t actually know “why?”  Unlike most seasonal and holiday traditions, the giving of pearl jewellery on Mother’s Day doesn't seem to have a specific geographical or cultural origin. It just naturally seems to be a universal practise that takes place all across the entire planet.  That is very unique when it comes to tradition.

What is behind this tradition and why is it so transcontinental, as well as trans-cultural in its enthusiastic observance?  Pearls are completely natural and organic in origin.

Most of earth’s valued treasures like gold, silver and gemstones like rubies and emeralds, had to wait until mankind caught up with mechanisation and eventually developed tools advanced enough to mine them.  Harvesting of pearls took nothing more than man’s need to seek out food or cross a body of water, to reach some destination.

The pearl was the first original gem readily available and retrievable to be both treasured and loved.  The pearl has been admired through the centuries, dating back to beyond the beginning of written history.

The pearl is the only organic gem that naturally comes into the world out of a living host, born of the mother oyster.  It is highly revered and respected around the world as the wonder and awe of something so beautiful coming to us out of a living “mother”.  The pearl is depicted as being the representation of the majestic, awe inspiring Life and Love. 

From multiple paintings of women, particularly “Venus” (Representing love) on a half shell oyster rising up out of the waters to bestow a blessing upon the world, to some of the world’s oldest paintings, sketches, sculptures and engravings depicting pearls adorning renowned and respected leaders, royalty and heroes … to lovely maidens, adored wives and beloved Mothers. 

Pearls have simply always been closely associated with deeply loved and cherished women in general, and with Mothers in particular for ages, universally, all around the globe.  Born of the mother oyster, pearls are a unique symbol of unconditional love. 

There’s something uniquely special about the organic, natural purity of glistening, lustrous pearls … and that may be one of the reasons women prefer pearls over other gems, particularly on Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate brilliance, strength, resilience, and the individuality of women.  With a list of attributes like that, there is no arguing that pearls are both symbolically and visually the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

For us at Pearls and More, it is more than a gem.  It’s a symbol of love. 

Show your appreciation with an exceptional pearl Mother’s Day gift.  Something truly from the heart that she will cherish forever. 

Inspiration taken from The Pearl Outlet


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