Mabe Pearls

Mabe pearls are not only super large in size, they are also super gorgeous. They are known as the blister pearls given they are half pearls that have been cultivated on the inside of a mollusc’s shell.

A small nucleus, usually made out of mother of pearl is attached to the shell and then left to accumulate nacre over a 2 to 3 year period.

When the pearl is ready to harvest, the mabe is then cut out of the shell. The mother of pearl nucleus is also cut out of the shell, leaving a hollow pearl. This hollow is filled with a colourless resin to reinforce the pearl structure and then sealed with a mother of pearl backing to close it up.

Various treatments occur on mabes, such as coating either the inside of the nacre dome or the top side of the filler. Some mabes receive a reflective colourless or coloured coating which enhances the lustre and colour.

Dyeing is also common. For example, a silver bromide solution will give them a dark brown to black appearance.

Mabe pearls can be grown in any saltwater or freshwater pearl bearing molusc.

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