Pearls are a timeless style, but they won't last forever without the correct maintenance. 

Below we share our 5 Top Tips on how to keep your pearls looking gorgeous.

  • Clean after each wearing with warm soapy water.
  • Always store your Pearls wrapped in a soft cloth or pouch to protect from abrasive objects.
  • If spills or drips get on your pearls, give them a good soak in lukewarm water with a gentle natural soap.  Never detergent!  Rinse well and allow to dry wrapped in a cotton cloth, then wear them to return some oils from your skin to the pearls.  Remember, water does not hurt pearls, it’s where they grew up.
  • Always remove pearls if re-applying hairspray or to put on perfume.  Both can damage Pearls.
  • Always remove Pearls before exercising or otherwise getting sweaty.  The pH in sweat is not good for Pearls.

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